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We are headhunters and personnel consultants.

Our work focuses on the automotive, chemical, mechanical and plant engineering industries.

Personnel consulting: Positions to be filled

Current vacancies in the chemical, mechanical engineering and automotive sectors.

Medium-sized automotive supplier 1,500 EMP, Head of Production, Bavaria

Medium-sized automotive supplier 1,500 EMP, Key Account Manager, NRW

Automotive supplier 2,850 EMP, Production Manager Injection Molding, Schleswig-Holstein

Medium-sized company Automotive, Head of Human Resources, Baden-Württemberg

Medium-sized paint manufacturer 1000 EMP, Head of Powder Coatings Development, NRW

Manufacturer of specialty chemicals 450 EMP, Sales WW Faserchemie, NRW

Medium-sized manufacturer of synthetic resins 1.000 EMP, Production Manager, Low. Saxony

Specialty Chemicals 2,700 EMP, Product Manager Specialty Chemicals, Bavaria

Medium-sized paint manufacturer 1000 EMP, Sales Manager Powder Coatings, NRW

Engineering Company 250 EMP, Sales Manager Large Chemical Plants, North Rhine-Westphalia

Manufacturer woodworking machines 1.000 EMP, Head of Purchasing, Hessen

Valve manufacturer 1.800 EMP, Personnel Manager, Hessen

About our Company

In the cooperation with our customers, who are mainly from the chemical, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering industries, we attach great importance to reliability, discretion, professionalism and speed. We are measured by these self-imposed standards.

Our consultancy is based in Düsseldorf, but we advise clients throughout Germany and in neighbouring European countries. We are characterized by a high degree of tact and sensitivity in filling delicate, difficult or tricky positions.

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Each industry has its own laws and each functional area has its own characteristics. Knowing and understanding these helps the recruiting expert in the search and selection of candidates. This circumstance also has a particular influence on the duration of a personnel search. We are convinced that we have the decisive intuition for this and that is why we have been working so successfully in the personnel consulting industry for years and can look back on successful and long-standing customer relationships.
The branch of personnel consulting and also headhunting has been subject to a massive change in the last years. The influence of American and English recruiting methods is clearly noticeable. The possibilities offered by the Internet have also made the industry more transparent and much faster. The newspaper as the medium for job advertisements has become almost irrelevant. The recruitment of executives as well as specialists follows different rules today. On the other hand, we follow these rules but remain true to important rules of the game in our view. These include in particular: a partnership-based relationship with our clients with many years of cooperation, a relationship of trust with our candidates, a high degree of professionalism, reliability and discretion. We work quickly, reliably and see ourselves as a service provider for the management or the personnel department. Give us your trust, we will not disappoint you even in the most difficult searches.