Aptitude Diagnostics
& Potential Analysis

With our affiliate “Profiling Institut” we meet the entire business area of aptitude diagnostics and potential analysis. The Profiling Institute provides support at every stage of the career ladder – for schoolchildren, students or executives.

Aptitude Diagnostics & Potential Analysis

Aptitude diagnostics and potential analysis: a detailed account of this business area can be found on the website of our affiliate “Profiling Institut Düsseldorf” www.profiling-institut.de. Target groups of this business field are:


We advise corporate clients by means of:

  • Securing internal promotion decisions
  • Potential analyses of either particular employees or entire departments
  • Securing the decisions of external personnel selection
    preselection of trainees
  • Strategic personnel planning: Is the employee optimally deployed according to his skills and talents?

Entrepreneurs in securing the decision whether or not your child is able to take over the business (succession consulting).

Children of entrepreneurs who are faced with the question: What do I want – to take over the succession or to find my own way outside the family business!

Private Persons

  • Pupils and graduates who don’t know exactly which path they want to take and who are looking for support in finding their goals and profession, e.g. career counseling, orientation counseling, choice of studies or career planning.
    Study counseling, career counseling, career guidance
  • Students, college dropouts and graduates who are looking for help in deciding on their next step, e.g. when entering professional life, setting new priorities, changing fields of study, reorientation or career planning.
    Study counseling, career advice.
  • Professionals at professional turning points such as job loss, career counseling, reorientation, job change, location or potential analysis, etc.
    Career advice, orientation advice, potential analysis.
  • Trainees – in this area we offer students job profiling and career counseling and companies potential analyses, aptitude diagnostics up to the complete recruiting process of trainees etc.
    Job profiling, potential analysis, recruitment of trainees.

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