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We support your company in tight candidate markets and in filling critical positions through customized direct approach.

1. Capturing the Task

Before accepting an assignment, we attach great importance to personally and locally getting to know the company, its management, its philosophy and management style. We analyze the market and competitive situation, the company’s goals, the current and planned organizational structure and the existing management potential. In doing so, we contribute our knowledge and experience gained in the same or a similar industry or in comparable positions. Based on this extensive analysis, we develop a proposal for the appropriate solution.

2. Specification and Order Confirmation

In a written specification we describe our understanding of the objectives, structures, tasks and areas of responsibility as well as the professional and personal qualifications required to successfully take on the position. With the agreement of the requirement profile, the coordination of the target groups to be examined and the determination of our fee, we confirm the consulting assignment.

3. Systematic Market Research

Our research team identifies the companies under consideration and collects the relevant information for the search. Executives who could meet the requirements are examined more closely through targeted, discreet investigations. In addition, we activate our personal connections to experts and insiders in the sector in order to obtain – of course in strict confidentiality – information on outstanding leaders.

4. Interview Phase

Candidates who show interest in a serious exchange of information are invited for a personal interview. We analyze the professional career, the responsibilities assumed so far and the results achieved. We also evaluate to what extent the experiences and achievements of the past can be expected to lead to success in the new environment. In addition to professional competence, we assess the personality of the candidates and assess the personal affinity to the client. Last but not least, in this stage we also fulfill the important task of awakening a well-founded interest in the offered perspective by providing objective advice to the candidates.

5. Presentation

To prepare the personal introduction, we provide our clients with confidential reports on the person and professional background of the candidates we propose. We moderate the first interviews in order to promote mutual understanding and to advise in the decision-making process. Through our personal participation, we can determine whether, in addition to the professional suitability, the personal “wavelength” of the candidate is also appropriate.

6. Reference Collection

As soon as both parties have expressed their clear interest in concrete contract negotiations, we additionally secure our assessment by obtaining references in agreement with the candidate and with appropriate discretion. In direct dialogue with the referees, we are able to put the information we receive into the right frame of reference. We receive further information about character, skills and practical experience in the past. This often also provides valuable information on how to efficiently organize personal cooperation in the new environment.

7. Advice on Contract Conclusion

We assist in the conception of a suitable contract offer and act as a neutral intermediary between the client and the candidate of choice in order to create a balanced, solid basis for the future employment relationship.

8. Integration Support

We are available to the hired candidate as a trustworthy partner during the transition period up to the start of his new job and also during the entire training period. We advise our clients during the candidate’s introduction to his new working environment and during his integration into the existing management team.

9. Warranty

Every new managerial position and every new professional task offers great opportunities, but also risks that cannot be ruled out with absolute certainty. We aim not to leave the consequences to the contracting parties alone, but to share responsibility as a “third party in the alliance”. Therefore, we commit ourselves to a renewed honorary-free search to fill this position if the recommended candidate does not meet our expectations within the first six months.

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