We are personnel consultants and headhunters from Düsseldorf

Our guiding principles according to which we work strictly:

  • We only work with a limited number of clients in each sector. Through this, we avoid potential conflicts of interest and restrictions in our search.
  • We appreciate existing business relationships. We do not try to recruit employees of our customers for other tasks outside their company.
  • We only accept exclusive orders. Orders which are simultaneously placed with other consultants are not accepted. A possible parallel address causes irritation and damages the reputation of the client.
  • Search mandates are exclusively accepted against a fixed service fee. Contingency fees are not agreed upon, as they impair the independence, diligence and seriousness of the consultancy and thus endanger the interests of all parties involved.
  • We take special care when checking references, which are only requested by us personally with the consent of the candidate.
  • We regard all information about clients or candidates as strictly confidential, unless we have been expressly authorized to pass it on.

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