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The success of a company depends largely on the quality of its managers. Qualified and motivated employees who identify with the company’s goals are in short supply. In addition to the professional competence of a manager, the personality must match the company philosophy. This aspect plays a decisive role for Bohlken Consulting in the selection of candidates. We look for personalities instead of individuals. Factors such as intellectual flexibility, dynamism, charisma, ability to work under pressure and integrity are of prime importance. Bohlken Consulting evaluates the qualities taken together and then comes to a recommendation. For us, this is the safest way to bring more quality into personnel consulting.

We see ourselves as consultants to clients and candidates, because our business only makes sense if the new jobholder is more satisfied than before. Not only the mere filling of a position but also the support of our clients after the completion of our assignment is of interest to us, so that we can continue to answer all questions concerning the development of our employees in the future. At the same time we coach the positioned candidate and mediate between client and new management personality.

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